Gamma-ray sensors for gathering soil, sediment, and mineral composition

Walk, drive or fly. Collect high-resolution data with a lightweight, sturdy and easy to use sensor.

Product overview

MS-350 with mDOS on tablet
UAV gamma-ray measurement

The soil is ticking

Every soil contains naturally occuring radionuclides. With the Medusa sensor, even the slightest variations in radionuclide concentrations within the soil can be detected, offering valuable insights into the soil's composition.

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Gamma-ray soil sampling in agricultural field

Soil & sediment mapping

Soil composition is crucial for professionals like soil scientists, agronomists, environmental scientists, and farmers. Conventional methods provide limited insights into soil heterogeneity. Our advanced sensors enable digital mapping of soil texture, revealing genuine field diversity for informed decision-making in agriculture, land management, and environmental conservation.

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Contamination mapping

Contamination of soil and sediments by heavy metals and organic compounds poses significant environmental and economic concerns, particularly in floodplains and waterbodies. Gamma-ray sensors have become an effective means of accurately mapping the distribution of soil and sediment contamination, offering dependable and comprehensive data on spatial variations which are used to manage and dispose of contaminated sites.  

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Mineral exploration and remediation

Gamma-ray sensors traditionally used in small aircraft for geophysics can now be deployed under drones. They provide valuable insights into the composition and structure of the Earth's subsurface, enabling geologists to detect, map, and remediate various elements and minerals. This capability greatly facilitates mineral exploration and contaminated site remediation efforts.

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mDOS & Gamman


Whether doing an airborne survey, locating a lost source with a UAV, or using our detector for a handheld survey for mapping the environment, you can count on using the same familiar interface. mDOS is developed for in-the-field usage. Optimized for real-time monitoring, ease of use and automating your survey workflow.


GammAn is our comprehensive post-processing software tailored specifically for analyzing measurement results obtained from our gamma-ray detection systems.

Both mDOS and Gamman have been developed with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring that users of all skill levels can effortlessly navigate and leverage the full potential of our detection systems. Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to gamma-ray analysis, our software packages provide the tools you need for accurate measurements and meaningful data interpretation.

mDOS en Gamman

Soil mapping made easy

What sets a Medusa detector apart?

We are committed to providing geophysicists around the world with efficient, lightweight, and robust gamma-ray survey systems that are easy to use, thanks to our innovative sensor design and smart data analysis models.

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