Detector calibrations

We want you to have the best information from your gamma-ray spectrometers. Proper calibration of gamma-ray survey systems is key to a successful survey yielding quantitative results.

Our sensors are delivered with a calibration from our calibration facility. In this facility we can re-calibrate your acquired Medusa Radiometrics tool but we also calibrate borehole logging sensors and airborne sensors of other suppliers.

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The Stonehenge calibration setup

To accurately determine radionuclide concentrations in the soil from measured spectra, calibration of the detector is essential. This calibration begins with the implementation of the detector's specifications into a numerical Monte Carlo simulation, which predicts the detector's theoretical response. Subsequently, the detector is placed within our unique calibration setup, known as Stonehenge, where the radionuclide concentrations are known with exceptional precision.

By combining the Stonehenge measurement outcomes with the simulations, a detector-specific calibration is derived. This detector-specific calibration can then be applied to various measurement geometries, including flatbeds, boreholes, or even more intricate configurations like partially encased detectors.

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Stonehenge calibration setup
Gamman software package

Calibration file

After the calibration process, we provide a comprehensive report detailing the tool's performance and its calibration factors. The calibration file is compatible with our Gamma data analysis package, mDOS, or any third-party software that incorporates our spectrum analysis module. This integration enables you to leverage our specialized knowledge, encapsulated within the calibration file, in conjunction with any sensor to accurately determine radionuclide concentrations in the soil.

Reach out to explore how your sensor can benefit from our expertise, or visit our wiki page for a selection of case studies showcasing the effectiveness of properly calibrated gamma-ray spectrometers.