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Leading provider of geophysical survey equipment

At Medusa Radiometrics, we aim to provide the geophysical survey industry with reliable, straightforward, and user-friendly gamma-ray spectrometers and software solutions. Allowing our customers to focus on their survey work instead of keeping their sensors up and running.

We strive to simplify geophysical survey work by developing the best gamma-ray spectrometers for geophysical applications that measure the naturally occurring radiation in soils.By using the measured radionuclides as a proxy, it is possible to establish correlations with various other parameters in the soils. Our systems can therefore be used for pollution mapping, sediment mapping, and mineral exploration, to name just a few of the possible applications.

By offering accessible and intuitive spectrometers, combined with in-house developed software, we empower geophysical professionals to efficiently collect and analyze data and aim to provide them with effortless survey work.

We measure our achievements by the happiness and success of our customers. By providing reliable products and personal customer support, we aim to meet customers’ expectations and build long-lasting relationships. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our offerings based on customer feedback and industry advancements, ensuring that Medusa Radiometrics remains at the forefront of gamma-ray technology and geophysical survey technology in general. 

Medusa Radiometrics

Leading in gamma-ray sensors

We manufacture efficient, lightweight, and robust gamma-ray survey systems that are easy to use.

University support

We have scientific cooperation with several universities, and our methods are published in peer-reviewed journals


The company has over 20 years of experience in developing gamma–ray spectrometers and their field applications.

Client focus

We help you to develop your business by delivering state of the art gammaspectrometer solutions, suited to your needs.


We don’t sell. We deliver. Our support is excellent and worldwide. You can count on us, wherever you are.


Our group of users is expanding and we share our common knowledge on the use and applications in our hospitality room.

Meet the Medusa Radiometrics team

Our team of experts

Our company's core is an open culture that values collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. We foster an environment where ideas are freely shared and feedback is welcomed, promoting a dynamic exchange of knowledge and expertise. Our dedicated team of experts is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences, ensuring our client's satisfaction and success.

Steven van der Veeke

Managing Director

In January 2023, I completed my PhD specializing in UAV-borne radioelement mapping. This academic foundation, along with my passion for applying technology to contemporary challenges in soil information, fuels my determination to elevate Medusa Radiometrics. My vision is to offer our clients a soil texture sensor that enhances the versatility of gamma-ray spectrometers across various applications, including precision farming, environmental pollution mapping, and the assessment of legacy mining sites.

Han Limburg


Together with Ronald, I founded Medusa in the year 2000. Of the two of us, Ronald is mainly the one who knows why something is measured, while my expertise focuses more on the instrumentation, in other words how something is measured. At the moment I am involved as an advisor at Medusa and I am helping with the development of geophysical measurement techniques and software.

Ronald Koomans 

Scientific Director

With a scientific background in Geology, I have learned that accurate and detailed information on the properties of soil is of uttermost importance. My challenge is to develop applications for the sensors that Medusa Radiometrics builds. These applications range from measuring soil properties such as clay content and grain size, contaminants in sediments, soil density, and the behavior of sediments. 

To facilitate this, I work with highly motivated teams to bring scientific knowledge into practice in mapping projects and to translate this expertise into the software connected to our sensors.

Marco Tijs

R&D Engineer

As an R&D engineer, I am part of the Medusa team that works on the development of novel applications of the measurement of (natural) gamma radiation. With my background in applied physics, along with a passion for both software and hardware, I find myself challenged every day to achieve the best for our clients. With my long experience at Medusa, I am often the first person to provide support where this is needed.

Lennart Blaauw

R&D Engineer

Together with my colleagues at Medusa Radiometrics I make sure that every customer receives the perfect sensor for their use case. After the sensor has been built I do the configuration, calibration and all possible checks such that everything works well. Using my physics background, I also take part in the research of features to improve and develop our products. Furthermore, I can help whenever there are questions regarding using the sensor and analyzing data. I enjoy running through the process of making a product that is based on a concept of physics and thinking about how to keep improving this process. 

Samantha van der Veen

Head of production

As head of production at Medusa Radiometrics, I am responsible for the production and assembly of gamma-ray spectrometers. I am also responsible for inventory management, keeping all parts in stock so that we can have a timely delivery to our customers. I love working at Medusa, I have great co-workers and you can truly be yourself here. Everybody feels responsible for the rest of the team and helps each other whenever this is necessary, despite the main role they have within the company. Besides the standard tasks, you also have the opportunity to develop yourself in a different field of experience, which you can use during your work and from which Medusa Radiometrics can benefit. So, in short, a great company where you have a fantastic working atmosphere, lots of fun with and support of your team members, and lots of possibilities to develop yourself and your skills.

Carola Kolkena

Office Manager, Marketing & Sales

My role at Medusa is very broad and offers lots of challenges. With my degree in business administration I can apply a lot of my knowledge and organizational skills to my role of Office Manager. In this role I am working on organizing the business processes more efficiently and effectively and I assist Maaike with supporting Han, Steven and Ronald with their management tasks. I am also busy with the marketing and sales of Medusa, where my Masters degree in Marketing Management comes in handy. The international aspect of Medusa appeals to me very much and I find the market in which we operate very interesting. Besides that I work with a very nice team, with highly motivated colleagues, which makes that I feel very much at home here.

Maaike Oude Kamphuis

Assistant Office Manager

My role at Medusa Radiometrics is a very broad one. After years of working in the field of security and later on in the field of administration, I am able to put all my acquired knowledge and experience in my role as Assistant Office Manager. I support Han, Steven, Ronald and Carola with their management tasks. For example, human resources, contact with suppliers, building management, and accounting, among many other tasks. My colleagues also know where to find me and I help them where I can. The variety of my tasks makes it so much appealing to me, never a dull moment and no day is the same here! I find the international market in which Medusa operates very interesting, besides the fact that I work in a very nice team with great co-workers. This all makes that I love working here at Medusa and feel very much in place.