Medusa has developed two software packages that are designed to enhance your experience with our gamma-ray detection systems:

mDOS (Medusa Detector Operating System) is a modern in-house developed operating system running directly on our detectors. 

Gamman is our comprehensive post-processing software tailored specifically for analyzing measurement results obtained from our gamma-ray detection systems.

Both mDOS and Gamman have been developed with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring that users of all skill levels can effortlessly navigate and leverage the full potential of our detection systems. Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to gamma-ray analysis, our software packages provide the tools you need for accurate measurements and meaningful data interpretation.

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mDOS & Gamman

medusa Detector Operating System (mDOS)

We offer a uniform interface across all our products. Whether conducting an airborne survey for mineral exploration, locating a lost source with a UAV, or utilizing our detector for a handheld survey to map the environment, you can rely on the same user-friendly interface. This software is specifically developed for in-the-field use, optimized for ease of use, and designed to automate your survey workflow.

Gamman post-processing software

For situations that require post-processing of data, a seamless connection with mDOS facilitates rapid reprocessing. The system is available with a graphical user interface and also as a set of command-line tools for both Windows and Linux, allowing you to integrate the analysis seamlessly into your existing workflow.

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mDOS user interface

mDOS: detector interface

Our transformative software package revolutionizes data management and analysis, simplifying radiometric analysis to let you concentrate on the results.

Its intuitive interface guarantees easy operation, data review, and project oversight, enhancing your workflow efficiency. Improve your data gathering with mDOS's advanced sample selection algorithm, which ensures precise and representative data. Use our survey design tools to craft efficient data collection strategies.

Are you curious about the operating system integrated into each of our detectors? Explore the online demo or consult the manual for more details. 

Online demo Manual 

mDOS on tablet
Gamman Gamma-ray analysis software

Gamman: post-processing toolbox

Gamman is a toolbox tailored for efficient and automated analysis of large datasets of gamma spectra from geophysical surveys. It employs the Full Spectrum Analysis (FSA) method, renowned for its effectiveness in deriving accurate nuclide concentrations from gamma-ray spectra.

Gamman utilizes the complete gamma spectrum to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability in nuclide concentration assessments. It provides a user-friendly platform that enables geophysical experts to analyze data collected with our spectrometers seamlessly.

While Gamman is available at no cost, it requires a calibration file unique to each detector, provided with the purchase of the sensor. To explore Gamman's full range of capabilities, refer to the online manual or contact us for a live demonstration.

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