• 2023-02-01

MS1000 succesfully used

Author: Triven Koganti - University of Aarhus - Denmark

In Denmark, we have ongoing projects where we are mainly interested in downscaling national soil maps to finer resolution, mapping soil texture, and characterizing peatlands where we are using gamma-ray data as an important predictor variable.

We believe the MS-1000 and MS-2000 sensors that we recently acquired are great tools in our proximal soil sensing inventory. They are not only easy to plugin and use but offer the added benefit of minimal data processing required before making interpretable maps of radionuclide concentrations and the count rates. The compact nature of these sensors further provides the flexibility to fly them beneath unmanned aerial vehicles. We have many projects in the pipeline where we foresee gamma ray sensing to value add for generating accurate soil maps for supporting important ecosystem services. Lastly, big thanks for the support team of Medusa who is always available to assist.

MS-2000 quad mount