• 2023-03-10

MS-1000 Gamma-ray detector for a Quad Bike Radiometric

Authors: Anna Upindi and Gregory Symons - Gregory Symons Geophysics (GSG)
The system was mounted on a quad bike that was operated at 5 km/h to collect radiometric data up to 1Hz on a 5 x 7 km grid in two phases between April and June 2022, collecting 2x more data than what was collected with walk survey over the Eureka Carbonatite (see figure below).

The data was collected with an MS-1000 Csl (1-liter) scintillation detector, which is equipped with the Medusa Detector Operating System (mDOS) on an ALGIZ RT8 Android TabletThe Spectrometer and tablet communicate via Wi-fi and are both mounted on a quad bike. The embedded software on the sensor logs the DGPS (RTK-enabled) together with spectra, and it outputs K. U, Th values. A handheld GPS mounted on the quad bike was used to navigate through planned lines to survey.

Walking survey
Gamman Gamma-ray analysis software

The collected data was processed in the Gamman and Geosoft to create elemental images. This data is much better than those collected with the Pico Envirotech Detector: PGIS-2 Gamma-ray detector in the same area.

Gregory Symons Geophysics would like to thank E-Tech Kalapuse Mining (Pty) Ltd and all related parties for all the support rendered during the surveys. We would also like to thank the Medusa team that helped us purchase and set up the surveying equipment.