• 2023-01-16

A new Doctor in the house!

We are extremely proud to announce that our dear colleague Steven van der Veeke has successfully defended his dissertation and obtained his doctorate on Monday the 16 of January 2023!

Steven his Ph.D. thesis 'UAV-borne radioelement mapping: towards a guideline and verification methods for geophysical field measurements' has been published and can be found here:

Thesis dowload

We are glad that Steven will continue his career at Medusa Radiometrics.

Congratulations Dr. van der Veeke!

The PhD thesis "UAV-Borne Radioelement Mapping" explores a groundbreaking approach to gamma-ray measurements by harnessing the power of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This innovative research aims to revolutionize the field of radioelement mapping and offers a comprehensive examination of the various aspects involved in the process. The thesis comprises several chapters that delve into the intricacies of deploying UAVs for gamma-ray measurements, ultimately paving the way for more efficient and accurate radiometric surveys.

PhD thesis UAV borne radioelement mapping
UAV-borne flight path

The thesis encompasses multiple research chapters, each contributing to theoretical underpinnings and complemented by practical case studies showcasing real-world field measurements. The concluding chapter of the thesis represents an initial step towards formulating guidelines for UAV-borne radioelement mapping. Within this chapter, the processes of preparation, execution, and data analysis associated with geophysical UAV-borne gamma-ray measurements are described in a practical manner..