Drone integrations

We go beyond selling our gamma-ray spectrometers by offering a complete turnkey package: our sensors fully integrated with a UAV.

Our pre-tested drone/sensor combinations guarantee flawless compatibility and are ready for use in every mapping occasion: soil studies, environmental monitoring, and mineral exploration.


Drone-systems overview

Learn more about our integrated drone-sensor systems.


For those requiring compact efficiency, our MS-350 sensor pairs perfectly with the DJI M350 RTK drone, capable of up to 30 minutes of flight time, ensuring you can cover significant ground without interruption.

MS-700, MS-1000

For more demanding tasks, our larger sensors, the MS-700 and MS-1000, are seamlessly integrated with the DJI Flycart 30, boasting a hefty maximum payload of 30 kg to accommodate the larger payload.

Ready to fly

Each of our systems comes ready to fly, complete with multiple batteries and spare parts to keep you operational without delays. Are you ready to fly? Contact us.

Custom integrations

We also offer custom integration services with a variety of other high-quality drones, including Acercore, Freefly, and Velos models.

Whether you have specific project requirements or are looking for advice on the best drone-sensor combination, our team is here to help.

Don't let the complexity of integration slow down your projects. Contact us today for a quote or more information on how our fully integrated drone-sensor systems can streamline your fieldwork.

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Scientific collaboration with eminent research institutes and peer-reviewed publications of the analysis procedures. 


We have over 20 years of experience in developing gamma–ray spectrometers and applications. 

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We help you to develop your business by delivering state of the art gammaspectrometer solutions, suited to your needs.

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Our group of users is expanding and we share our common knowledge on the use and applications in our hospitality room.

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